Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Jimmy Choo Knows Shoes

Vanessa Hudgens in Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo Mixed-Media Sandal - $836.00

Vanessa Hudgens wore these Mixed-Media (multi-colored) sandals to an LG event on May 24, 2010. Not only do I love these Jimmy Choo sandals, but I also love the turquoise Tibi Strapless Dress that she paired with these sandals to create a colorful spring/summer look. Plus, I love the fact that she was able to incorporate color into her outfit without looking like a box of crayons. Trust me, I've seen quite a few people fail at this simple task before. Nevertheless, these shoes were originally priced at $1,195.00, but they are currently on sale for $836.00 (get'em while you can).

I was able to locate similar shoes at BeBe.com, which offers two colors: Tan and Multi-color. My only wish is that the tan shoes had a little color as well. Regardless, this is a great find for achieving the Jimmy Choo look.