Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lady in Blue: Christina Milian in CL Decolzep Pumps

Christina Milian wearing Christian Louboutin Decolzep Pumps

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Christina Milian has been going through a WHOLE lot lately with her recent separation from hubby, Terius Nash aka The Dream. In case you haven't heard, The Dream was spotted (caught) frolicking on the beach with his "assistant". Likewise, there are several photos circulating the web with him groping his "assistant" all over her a**. Within hours of the photos being released, The Dream's publicist released a statement saying that he and Christina had separated at the end of 2009. Just to note, I should also mention that Christina gave birth a few months ago to a beautiful little girl, named Violet. This whole situation is completely disgusting to me on so many different levels, but ultimately my blog isn't about CHEATERS or celebrity relationships.

The point of this post is to highlight the fact that Christina is holding her head high through the bullish her husband is putting her through. She's looking absolutely fabulous in a recent photo taken in Beverly Hills, CA. Ladies (and men) take note of how to go through a personal tragedy. Christina's blue Christian Louboutin Decolzep Pumps are on point and I love the blue shirtdress that she paired them with.

For all of you Twilight fans, I found a picture of Kristen Stewart wearing the same shoes:

Kristen Stewart wearing Christian Louboutin Decolzep Pumps

Blue patent leather pumps are available all over the place, and I've located a pair by BeBe (one of my favorite trendy spots) for $119.95: