Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Spotlight: Chanel Calfskin Boots with Engraved Silver Plate

Chanel Calfskin Biker Boot with an Engraved Silver Plate

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Angela Simmons wearing Chanel Calfskin Boots

Entrepreneur and Socialite Angela Simmons was recently spotted out and about in London rocking a pair of Chanel Calfskin Boots with an Engraved Silver Plate. The provided link above takes you to the Chanel website,which provides additional details about the boots. However, it doesn't look like they can be bought online, so the Store Locator search tool is the best option for purchasing a pair of these boots.

Like many others, I was introduced to Angela and the rest of her family while watching the hit MTV show, Run's House. The show was sort of the modern day reality TV version of The Cosby Show featuring Joseph Simmons a.k.a. Rev. Run from the rap group Run-DMC. as Cliff Huxtable. Throughout the show, viewers got a chance to see Angela along with her sister, Vanessa, embark on a new business venture by creating a new shoe collection, called Pastry. Accordingly, Angela and Vanessa were both recently featured in a magazine (sorry...I can't remember the name of the publication at this time) for successfully establishing a multimillion dollar company within the last few years.

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